How do your organic eggs rate?  I was surprised to find Egglands Best, Central Market Brand, Traders Joes and 365 Brand by Whole Foods no better than Great Value at WalMart!  They all scored 1 egg out of a possible 5!

The Cornucopia Institute’s has provide an organic egg scorecard  that rates companies that market name-brand and private-label organic “shell” eggs based on 22 criteria that are and should be important to us … the consumer since we are paying more for what should be a better organic egg.

The Cornucopia Institutes scorecard “shows ethical family farms, and their brands, and exposes factory farm producers and brands in grocery store coolers that threaten to take over organic livestock agriculture.

Some of the factory farm operators literally raise millions of birds (both conventional and organic) with as many as 85,000 “organic” hens in single buildings.

With this Web-based rating tool, you can see which brands of eggs found in your region are produced using the best organic farming practices and ethics. Based on more than a year’s research into the organic egg business, the scorecard rates almost 70 different name-brand eggs and additional private-label products.

Both the report and scorecard highlight the good news in the organic egg industry by showcasing the true heroes, including national and local producers that are supplying ethically-produced organic eggs and are worthy of consumer support.”

Click here to view the scorecard.  In Whole Foods defense they have three brands offered in their stores.  Worlds Best Eggs and Vital Farms which both scored 5 eggs and their 365 Organics Brand which only rated 1 egg.  So shop with knowledge.

What are your thoughts on this scorecard?

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