Have you ever watched the “Secret Millionaire” on ABC?

Either way this Sunday’s episode with our friend Jeff Usner is not to be missed.  Jeff is the guy you would want have as a friend.  He is unpretentious, never braggadocios and exudes silent strength.  What he shares with you today in MY DAILY INSIGHTS Friday Story is how he went from tradgedy to triumph.  What he shares on Sunday night is how he made a difference and you can too.

Watch our friend Jeff Usner as the “Secret Millionaire” on ABC Sunday night at 8pm Central.



My “Secret Millionaire” Story

By Jeff Usner

Ever feel beat up and down and out? That was me not too long ago. It was only a few years ago, I was at the greatest point of despair in my life. I was drowning in close to $300,000 in debt, struggling in my business, working long, endless hours away from my family, I lost my son James. I even had a stroke and almost died. I was terrified and stressed out how I would put food on the table for my family.

Yet, here I am today, a multi millionaire, and set to give away $100,000’s on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, airing this Sunday, July 15 7/8 et.

How does this happen and why would I go on a national TV show?

An act of God is my first answer.

After that, I finally figured out a simple system to make money on the Internet. I used that to become debt free within 8 months, and within 18 months a millionaire.

When ABC first approached me about being on the show, I was very hesitant about the opportunity. In fact, at one point in the interviewing process, I turned them down, only to get a phone call a few weeks later telling me they really wanted my story on their network.

I didn’t want to go on the show because I like to live my life “under the radar”. I live a very simple life, and most of my family and friends don’t even know how well we do financially. So to open up and expose my entire family, not just to friends, but to millions of people on national TV… well, there’s an element of uncertainty that comes with putting your face and story out there.

But, I decided to do it anyway. Why?

I know many people are hurting right now in our country. I know there are many people who are where I was, or even worse. And, these people often wonder…

Can it get any better? How will I find a way out? Is there hope?

So I shared our story on TV to inspire people to keep going. To breakthrough. To keep pushing forward. To keep believing.

Even if you are on the mat, feeling like you are taking a beating, there are better times coming. Focus on the good things in front of you. Speak life over them. Life and death are in the power of the tongue, so use your words wisely.

Tune into the show. Let it inspire you. Learn from the amazing heroes on the show. I served three amazing organizations during that week. Each is making a huge difference. Each has been down and out. Each is helping people “get back up and fight.”

Be a part of it. Don’t only watch it. Share it with friends. Share this story. They will thank you and you will make a difference.

Jeff Usner



To learn more about Jeff and to learn how he did it. Go get his new book, “Internet Millionaire, Your Blueprint to Succeed”, for free. In this book Jeff outlines everything he did to from despair and struggles to earning millions and appearing on ABC’s Secret Millionaire: Get the Book free: www.JeffsFreeBook.com

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  1. gridlockmanifesto Says:

    What a wonderful story of redemption Jeff. It is obvious that attitude is more important than anything, and many people could use that kind of encouragement. The show was very inspiring too, and I’m glad I saw it as a matter if fact. My Dish co-worker got me hooked on this show when he discovered it on his PrimeTime Anytime recordings, and now I can watch them commercial free too with Auto Hop. That saves me enough time that I can watch an extra show in an otherwise busy evening when I have to handle 3 children.

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